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Thursday nights, 6:15-9:30 starting July 20th
If you would like to be on the same team as your friend(s), please write down their name on the space provided in your registration form. As an individual or group, you will be assigned to either an existing team who needs more players or to a new team with other individuals.
Games will be held rain or shine, unless courts/fields are closed due to inclement weather conditions. Any delays will be published on the main page of each particular sport. Announcement will be made the day of the game as follows: Football & Softball by 9AM, Dodgeball, Volleyball & Kickball by 5PM. Please check with your captains for any changes. Frederick Social Sports will make up 1 game if needed.
No refund unless Frederick Social Sports cannot designate you onto a team.
7/20 6:15pm 23 Bagnificent v Yard Goats 78 PF1 Champions
6:15pm 3 Can't Corn This v Jak'd Jones' 84 PF2 Champions
6:15pm 56 Holin & Trollin v The Holey Kings 26 PF3 Champions
7pm 12 Bag Ladies v Fun Bags 91 PF1 Champions
7pm 14 Biggie Smallbags v U Make Me So Corny 57 PF2 Champions
7pm 93 Los Cornhole Hermanos v Dutch Bags 11 PF3 Champions
7:45pm 17 Milfs Who Cornhole v What's the Score? 68 PF1 Champions
7:45pm 41 R2 v Hot and Corny 25 PF2 Champions
7:45pm 2 Twatswap v T-N-T 135 PF3 Champions
8:30pm 83 Sack taps v Wrong Hole 7 PF1 Champions
8:30pm 129 Mighty Mac v Two Old Funbags 2 PF2 Champions
8:30pm 30 Nothing But HOle v Maize on This 31 PF3 Champions
9:15pm 44 Shucking Amazing v Strike Force 53 PF1 Champions
9:15pm 106 Beach Bums v Me So Corny 6 PF2 Champions
9:15pm 47 Ebony and Ivory v Corn Stars 20 PF3 Champions

7/27 6:15pm 30 Me So Corny v Strike Force 48 PF1 Champions
6:15pm 59 Sack Taps v Maize on This 23 PF2 Champions
6:15pm 42 Beach Bums v T-N-T 63 PF3 Champions
7pm 81 Mighty Mac v Twatswap 5 PF1 Champions
7pm 20 Milfs Who Cornhole v Shucking Amaizing 19 PF2 Champions
7pm W Two Old Funbags v Nothing But Hole F PF3 Champions
7:45pm 49 R2 v Wrong Hole 22 PF1 Champions
7:45pm 54 Yard Goats v The Holey Kings 23 PF2 Champions
7:45pm 6 Corn Stars v Los Cornhole Hermanos 116 PF3 Champions
8:30pm 22 Biggie Smallbags v Jak'd Jones 72 PF1 Champions
8:30pm 10 Bag Ladies v Dutch Bags 55 PF2 Champions
8:30pm 75 U Make Me So Corny v Ebony and Ivory 9 PF3 Champions
9:15pm 85 Can't Corn This v Fun Bags 5 PF1 Champions
9:15pm 15 Bagnificient v Holin & Trollin 75 PF2 Champions
9:15pm 71 What's the Score? v Hot and Corny 27 PF3 Champions

8/3 6:15pm 61 What's The Score v Biggie Smallbags 23 PF1 Champions
6:15pm 21 Two Old Funbags v Corn Stars 18 PF2 Champions
6:15pm 1 Bag Ladies v U Make Me So Corny 115 PF3 Champions
7pm 27 Strike Force v Los Cornhole Hermanos 91 PF1 Champions
7pm 33 Wrong Hole v Dutch Bags 54 PF2 Champions
7pm 32 Yard Goats v Holin and Trollin 37 PF3 Champions
7:45pm 46 Can't Corn This v Twatswap 31 PF1 Champions
7:45pm 11 Me So Corny v Bagnificient 76 PF2 Champions
7:45pm 10 Ebony and Ivory v Beach Bums 122 PF3 Champions
8:30pm 61 Mighty Mac v Shucking Amazing 5 PF1 Champions
8:30pm 29 R2 v T-N-T 77 PF2 Champions
8:30pm 25 The Holey Kings v Hot and Corny 55 PF3 Champions
9:15pm 62 Milfs Who Cornhole v Fun Bags 17 PF1 Champions
9:15pm 8 Nothing But Hole v Sack Taps 96 PF2 Champions
9:15pm 78 Jak'd Jones v Maize on This 10 PF3 Champions

8/10 6:15pm Milfs Who Cornhole v Twatswap PF1 Champions
6:15pm 61 Ebony and Ivory v Strike Force 15 PF2 Champions
6:15pm 16 R2 v Yard Goats 78 PF3 Champions
7pm 65 Sack Taps v What's The Score? 26 PF1 Champions
7pm 10 Fun Bags v U Make Me So Corny 134 PF2 Champions
7pm 40 Wrong Hole v Maize on This 31 PF3 Champions
7:45pm 69 Shucking Amazing v Two Old Funbags 8 PF1 Champions
7:45pm 23 T-N-T v Jak'd Jones 55 PF2 Champions
7:45pm 57 Hot and Corny v Bagnificient 37 PF3 Champions
8:30pm 40 Can't Corn This v Dutch Bags 33 PF1 Champions
8:30pm 17 The Holey Kings v Biggie Smallbags 39 PF2 Champions
8:30pm W Corn Stars v Nothing But Hole F PF3 Champions
9:15pm 28 Holin and Trollin v Beach Bums 87 PF1 Champions
9:15pm 25 Mighty Mac v Los Cornhole Hermanos 55 PF2 Champions
9:15pm 24 Me So Corny v Bag Ladies 20 PF3 Champions

8/17 6:15pm 44 T-N-T v Holin & Trollin 32 PF1 Champions
6:15pm 38 Shucking Amazing v Bag Ladies 26 PF2 Champions
6:15pm 43 Me So Corny v Cornstars 14 PF3 Champions
7pm 34 Los Cornhole Hermanos v Beach Bums 55 PF1 Champions
7pm 36 Wrong Hole v Twatswap 18 PF2 Champions
7pm 23 Biggie Smallbags v Nothing But Hole 48 PF3 Champions
7:45pm 64 Mighty Mac v Whats the Score? 30 PF1 Champions
7:45pm 32 Jak'd Jones v Sack Taps 33 PF2 Champions
7:45pm 30 Bagnificient v The Holey Kings 31 PF3 Champions
8:30pm 51 Ebony and Ivory v Two Old Fun Bags 3 PF1 Champions
8:30pm 70 R2 v Can't Corn This 12 PF2 Champions
8:30pm 14 Strike Force v Fun Bags 46 PF3 Champions
9:15pm W Hot and Corny v Maize on This F PF1 Champions
9:15pm 100 U Make Me So Corny v Milfs Who Cornhole 9 PF2 Champions
9:15pm F Yard Goats v Dutch Bags W PF3 Champions

8/24 6:15pm 52 Whats the Score? v The Holey Kings 24 PF1 Champions
6:15pm W Yard Goats v Maize on This F PF2 Champions
6:15pm F Can't Corn This v Two Old Fun Bags W PF3 Champions
7pm 43 Fun Bags v Ebony and Ivory 37 PF1 Champions
7pm 118 Mighty Mac v Corn Stars 9 PF2 Champions
7pm 37 Hot and Corny v Milfs Who Cornhole 36 PF3 Champions
7:45pm 28 Bag Ladies v Biggie Smallbags 48 PF1 Champions
7:45pm 76 Los Cornhole Hermanos v Wrong Hole 14 PF2 Champions
7:45pm W Dutch Bags v Strike Force F PF3 Champions
7:45pm 47 Milfs Who Cornhole v Twatswap 15 PF3 Champions
8:30pm 11 Shucking Amaizing v Beach Bums 112 PF1 Champions
8:30pm 58 R2 v Nothing But Hole 36 PF2 Champions
8:30pm W Hollin & Trollin v Me So Corny F PF3 Champions
9:15pm W Sack Taps v Bagnificient F PF1 Champions
9:15pm 34 T-N-T v U Make Me So Corny 22 PF2 Champions
9:15pm F Jack'd Jones v Twat Swap W PF2 Champions

8/31 - TOP 16 6:15pm Jak'd Jones (7) v R2 (10) PF1 Champions
6:15pm What's the Score? (8) v Holin & Trolin (9) PF2 Champions
6:15pm Hot and Corny (11) v T-N-T (6) PF3 Champions
7pm Los Cornhole Hermanos (5) v Dutch Bags (12) PF1 Champions
7pm Ebony & Ivroy (13) v Mighty Mac (4) PF2 Champions
7pm U Make Me So Corny (3) v Fun Bags (14) PF3 Champions
7:45pm Beach Bums (2) v Milfs Who Cornhole (15) PF1 Champions
7:45pm Sack Taps (1) v Can't Corn This (16) PF2 Champions
7:45pm TBD v TBD PF3 Champions
8:30pm TBD v TBD PF1 Champions
8:30pm TBD v TBD PF2 Champions
8:30pm TBD v TBD PF3 Champions
9:15pm TBD v TBD PF1 Champions
9:15pm TBD v TBD PF3 Champions